Review from
‘MUSIC TEACHER’ April 2013

“This book is a welcome change as it uses duets to familiarise the student with scales.”

“A lot of thought has been given to the titles of the duets, which helps the student determine the character of each piece.”

“After a brief explanation of the key/scale and character of the piece, students quickly become used to playing in the key stated.”

“An extremely useful addition to the student’s repertoire and the teacher’s music bag.”

PAN Review of
Keys to Success June 2013

“This really is a book which offers a great deal in terms of both fun and resources”

“Care has been taken to maximise both the enjoyment and educational aspects of the material.”

“There is an admirable thoroughness in the way it introduces a great variety of rhythmic patterns and expressive markings.”

“It is an attractive publication using well chosen fonts and clear layouts and will appeal to adults and children alike.”

Rachel Mission

“These lovely duets make scales enjoyable. A brilliant way to introduce scale practice painlessly.”

Sue Bishop, Clarinet.

“I bought a copy of your lovely book in Howarths, and have started using it with pupils. I like it! Will mention it at my various schools.”

Sylvia Harper, Oboe.

Keys to Success Fun Duets
Reviews & Comments

"Lots of my students purchased, and the last exam results proved just how great your books are.
Lots of 19's and 20's for scales, and more fun learning. Thank you.

Emma Tingey, oboe.